With the growth in IT industries, the demand for Programming and Coding skills has been rapidly increased. The Major leading IT MNC Companies such as Amazon, Tech Mahindra, IBM etc. are focusing more on the logical and real time problem solving minds of candidates while taking interviews. As Competition in IT sectors increases, the need for excellent skills on programming languages also get increases. There are many advanced Java Institute in Bangalore, which can help you to sharp your coding skills to line with IT demands.

Coming to the programming languages, Java is the most commonly and widely used programming language from small level cellular applications to higher level Web & Servlet Application. Java is again categorized into two level- Core Java & Advanced Java.

Let’s focus on these levels briefly –

  • Core Java – Core Java is the very basic part which covers the topics of Java introduction, OOPS Concepts, String Handling, Exception Handling, Nested Classes, Multi-threading, Applet, Swing, Collections, JDBC etc. If you are good enough in C++, Java core might not be tough for you. It almost covers the same logic as C and C++. If you are dedicated toward your career, you can easily learn Core Java within a few weeks.
  • Advanced Java – Advanced Java being the toughest and highly required programming languages. Whether you are working in a startup or an MNC, if you are good enough in advanced java concepts, no can ever can stop you from getting good packages in future. That is why, java is still the king of all programming language. The points covered under advanced java are – Use of Servlet & its Implementation, Java Servlet pages, Java Mail API, Junit, Maven, EJB, etc. Most of the today’s web applications are build using EJB, J2EE, Servlet, Log4j as front end and Tomcat, JBoss or Web logic as Servers with oracle as database.

To start with java, you can easily configure Eclipse latest version Neon, with Web logic server 10.3.6 available online on Eclipse marketplace. However to upgrade your skills and competencies, it’s very important for a student to select a best advanced java training Institute that can provide real life project experience along with latest industry concepts.

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