PHP stands for “HyperText Preprocessor” is an open source scripting language used to create dynamic webpages over World Wide Web. It is perhaps the most popularly used server side scripting language for small and large web based application. Its structure and syntax is mostly similar to HTML with some advanced features and format. It starts and closes with tags. The files created using PHP language has an extension of .php as that of HTML as .html.

PHP is a simple language as compared to other scripting languages. You need not write complex &number of codes of lines in PHP to build a web application. It can be easily configured with apache or wamp server to run on your local host system.It let your things done, often with the minimum use of rules and functions.You can visit some of the best PHP training institutes in Bangalore to get full course description and syllabus.

Let us examine few reasons for you to pick PHP

  • PHP being an Open Source language readily available and absolutely free.
  • It is cross platform and can be implemented on different operating systems. It can be configured

for windows, Linux etc.

  • You can get a number of resources and help for PHP based issues on StackOverflow or GitHub etc.
  • It can help you to earn good if mastered properly.
  • PHP can be used with WordPress and other Content Management System such as Drupal, Magento etc.
  • PHP integrated with other languages can give you much exposure to learn new technology in web development.
  • Flexible, stability and speed are the most important features being present in PHP.
  • Clean, short codes and function calls to make application fast and less complex.

There are numerous other uncountable advantages of using PHP. The most important are it keeps the application performance robust. That is why PHP is the most used Scripting languages in online IT industries.

With increasing number of growth in Startup’s and MNC organization, the demand for the development of application using HTML5, PHP, AJAX, JAVASCRIPT, CSS has rapidly increased. Every individual wishes to earn a good lump sum of money by working in an IT Software/ Application domain.

To get started with PHP, you should have the good resources of things to learn from. Studying from the Internet has always been the best and first preferred method, but not everything on internet is observed to be correct. Sometimes, even the concepts we read from blogs and tutorials are not even updated with the latest algorithms and logic from years. In such a case, approaching a Training Institute is the most convenient way. We recommend you to always prefer the best PHP training institute in Bangalore, which can provide you both theoretical and practical learning on live web projects.

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