Big data is the term that refers to the large volume of data that can be in an organized or unorganized format that flows through various Business applications on daily basis. Although the concept of Big data is relatively new, but in previous ages of technology, the data generated through various online resources was very less leading to less data loss causes. But with growing industries and IT sectors, the need for proper management and storing of useful data has been a compulsory task.


As per Forbes Report in 2016, it has been found that Google alone processes on average over 40 thousand search queries per second, making it over 3.4 billion in a single day. Not only this, in every single minute, we send 204 million emails, generate 1.8 million Facebook likes, send 278 thousand Tweets and upload more than 2 lakh photos to Facebook, more than billions of bank transactions occurs in a single day. An Interesting fact to be noted is how this large volume of data is organized by the data storing organizations in servers, what are the algorithms and technology being used and what data crises errors, how they are to be resolved? Before defining the latest framework, let us consider some of the important parameters which can help to understand big data concept –

  • Volume – It is one of the most important measurable quantity to define the amount of data being received from different sources, including social media, information collected from sensors machines, medical science data etc. To remove the issues in handling big amount of data, the concept of Hadoop has come into being.
  • Velocity – The velocity factors determines the speed at which the receiver source is getting the data with respect to the time factor.
  • Variety–Data can come in any format such as text, video, audio, logs, numeric data, financial transactions etc, which also helps in defining the data volume.

To remove the burden of management and optimization of big data, the latest technology Hadoop has been used. Although the concept of Hadoop has still not properly used, but it has a very wide scoop in future. To get real time live training in Big data and Hadoop, you can enroll yourself at some of the best training institutes in Bangalore. 

Why Hadoop?

Hadoop is one of the best known open source frameworks that lower the burden in dealing high volume of big data. It also helps in storing and processing the data at less time. The software framework has been designed in java for distributed environment. Following are the advantage of using Hadoop technology –

  • Fault Tolerance
  • High-Speed data processing.
  • Data flexibility and Reliability
  • Parallel processing scalable method
  • Cost effective strategies.

Scope of Big data and Hadoop

The future of Big data and Hadoop is ever growing in the coming years. It has been very important for the giant IT companies to store and organized data in a proper format, without being losing any single byte of it. The demand of Data Engineer and Data Scientist has been increasing as the concept of big data is evolving. It is also said that the coming years will be of the data scientist and data analyst. To learn big data with practical knowledge you can also check some of the best resources to get big data & Hadoop training institutes in Bangalore for a bright future in the world of data.