Angular JS is a JavaScript MVC Framework that integrates two-way data binding, web services and builds web components very easily. It is mostly used to create powerful and dynamic web applications. Due to the inability of HTML to create dynamic views in a web application, Angular JS was introduced. The most important advantage of using Angular JS is its open source development platform, which can be used to simplify large and complex applications. Angular JS is popular among developers due to its flexible and simple code nature which can benefit a lot to save time and space along with understanding the complex structure of the web application.

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Focusing on the benefits of Angular JS we have some most important points to look at –

  • Creating Single Page Application – It is meant for containing all JavaScripts codes on one single page organization the hierarchy in a proper layout.
  • Building Hybrid Mobile Apps – We can create small and large complex mobile applications using HTML, Java Script, CSS with Angular JS.
  • Structure based organization – Angular JS codes are properly organized making it simple for a developer to understand the code. It also allows us to implement DOM Manipulation, responsive web design along with Ajax.
  • High Testing Support – Angular JS comes up with highest testability support which makes testing of sites and application as easy as possible.
  • Angular JS also have some other strong features like – Dependency Injection, Directives etc.

If you are well versed in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS may not be tough. It is as simple as JavaScript but with powerful and fast response upon executions on the client side. One of the informative blog to learn Angular JS from scratch is Google AngularJS Blog. There are many online resources like and to learn Angular JS at free. You can also avail the best training from well-experienced Expert by enrolling yourself at one of the best Angular JS training institutes in Bangalore.

Why should you learn Angular JS?

We all dream to design a website having awesome UI, with some extraordinary features in it. Angular JS helps us to get it by writing fewer codes, which creates the website less complex and fast to load. A list of different library files adds more to it functionality at less time. Angular JS contains a number of service controllers which help it to achieve a best architecture flow and scope of the codes.

What’s the best way to learn Angular JS at less time?

There are numerous resources available on the internet to get through the concepts of Angular JS, but if you want to learn Angular JS at less time with practical work on real time project, you may check some of the top rated training institutes in Bangalore.

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